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About us

"Click on Sustainability" will recognize and work on a variety of issues and situations surrounding sustainable development: proper recycling, carbon footprint, natural resources, ecosystem services, the state of sustainability around Laudio, each school will also conduct research on the situation in other countries and we will put the information found in common.

The program aims at being aware of the importance of sustainable development and enriching the capabilities of new technologies. With all the work the students will do, we 're going to create a garden at our school. Although the project is in English, the information our students seek or receive may be in Basque or Spanish too.
It 's a school project, but two teachers will work directly with the students. The students volunteer and about seventy students have signed up to participate.
The students are the protagonists of this project.
It is a two-year project, from November 2021 to April 2023

IES Laudio BHI is a high school located in the second biggest town in Araba, one of the three
provinces in the Basque Country. 
Although it corresponds to the historical territory of Araba, geographically, the province of Bizkaia is near and so is its capital city, Bilbao, which 25 minutes by train.


Different official educational studies are offered here including Secondary studies and A Levels,
that is from 12 and 18 years old, and Vocational Training studies. Around 600 learners
altogether. As for the staff, 75 teachers we are.

There are many projects being developed at school right now, including ICT training and upgrading, Equality workshops, regarding the normalization of the Basque language and culture project,

raising the awareness on ecology.

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